Dental Insurance

We’re Here to Help. Let’s work together to maintain your child’s bright and healthy smile!

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

We accept a wide range of major dental insurance plans. This allows you to fully utilize your benefits for your child’s dental care needs.

Welcoming State Insurance

We believe in accessible healthcare for every family. That’s why we also accept various state insurance plans, offering our support to families who need it.

Efficient Insurance Handling and Filing

Our team is dedicated to handling your insurance paperwork efficiently. We file primary insurance claims as a courtesy, provided we have your accurate and up-to-date insurance information before your appointment.

Upfront Payment and Post-Treatment Billing

Any estimated costs not covered by insurance are due at the time of service. After insurance reimbursement, should there be any remaining balance, we will bill you accordingly. In case of a credit, we’ll issue a refund check.

Understanding Your Insurance Benefits

Navigating insurance coverage can be complex. Our knowledgeable staff is always here to help you understand your benefits and answer any questions you may have.

Financial Responsibility and Clarity

It’s important to know that all payments at the time of the appointment are estimates. You are responsible for any unpaid balances after insurance processing. If insurance pays you directly, the full payment is due within 30 days to avoid monthly service charges.

Insurance Engagement

We encourage you to ask questions about your insurance coverage. While we assist with filing and estimates, please note that we have no control over how insurance companies process claims or the benefits they pay.

Important Insurance Facts:

  • Coverage Variations**: Insurance plans typically cover 50%-80% of treatment costs after deductibles. The exact coverage depends on your employer’s plan, policy details, and the insurance company’s fee schedules (UCR rates).
  • Myth of 100% Coverage**: Remember, no insurance plan covers all treatment costs.
  • Fee Schedules and Misleading Language**: Insurance companies’ UCR rates often differ from dental office fees. This doesn’t mean our fees are unreasonable but reflects the insurance’s internal fee schedules.